Lexapro from Canada

Lexapro from Canada belongs to a class of selective inhibitors, used to treat depression and panic fear, to improve mood. The popular antidepressant can also be used to treat children. The drug is taken orally with or without food.

You should use Lexapro as prescribed your doctor. Each dose is taken daily with a full glass of water before or after meals. Treatment with these special tablets should not be stopped without consulting your doctor. Lexapro from Canada is stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Do not start treatment with Lexapro from Canada, if you are taking drugs such as phenelzine, isocarboxazid, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, tranylcypromine last 2 weeks. Carefully take a medicine if you have diseases of kidneys and liver or convulsions.
If you have an allergy to citalopram (celeksu), the same allergic reaction can be observed after the use of Lexapro from Canada. Do not take the medication during pregnancy, and if you are breast-feeding. Lexapro may cause dizziness. If you have side effects such as nasal congestion, indigestion, menstrual irregularities – go to the doctor.

You can buy Lexapro from Canada in online pharmacy, choosing the suitable price and convenient delivery method. Online pharmacy – is a great opportunity to buy medicine without leaving home. Qualified pharmacists provide you with consultation on the availability of desired drug in assortment of the pharmacy and methods of using this drug.

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